Will Creatine Make You Fat? Answer Revealed!

Will Creatine Make You FatUsed by many sportsmen and women, the use of creatine supplement has stirred a lot of heated debated world over. The main theme of these discussions is often the role of creatine for bodybuilding and creatine weight loss. In this article we have tried to handle most of the contentious issues surrounding this supplement.


Will creatine make you gain weight? Indeed creatine will make one gain weight. To this far we assume that you are aware that “gaining weight” and “gaining fat” are very different. These two are often misunderstood by many. Gaining weight could be due to the build-up of fats in the body or the build-up of muscle mass. While gaining fat on the other hand strictly relates to a rise in volume of fats in the body. Creatine supplement helps you to increase the overall body mass courtesy of muscles build ups.

Because creatine should be taken with plenty water, this builds up in the muscle cells thus giving them that powerful and muscular appearance. This explains the increased weight through increased muscle volume.
With the enhanced power output courtesy of creatine, a bodybuilder is able to handle heavier weights with a great deal of resistance. This helps one to build up more lean muscle tissue. This adds up to increase the overall body weight.


Will creatine make me fat? This is not a new question to many who know about this supplement. It is time we knew the truth about all these rumors. The truth of the matter is that creatine burns body fats. It therefore helps you work down your body fats. Creatine improves that rate of fat burning of the body by gaining muscle mass, as you might know, the more lean muscles you have, the more fat you will burn. So, this weight gain as a result of creatine has nothing to do with body fats.

There is something about creatine and bloating. There is in fact some truth in that assertion. There is a way by which creatine makes one feel bloated but not quite severely as some imagine, it is due to the water retention that happens when you take creatine. This risk is reduced by ensuring that the one who take this supplement gets plentiful water. This is the only way to fight the huge water retention in your muscles, and provide the necessary amount for the other body organs to function.


Is it possible to lose weight with creatine? This question might seem contradictory in some sense since we mentioned earlier that creatine increase muscle mass hence the overall body weight. So how do you lose weight with creatine? This big question has bothered many, not just bodybuilders, but even that manufacturers. It is one of the most complicated aspects of the working mechanism of creatine. In this article however we have captured details relating to the whole concept about creatine and weight loss.

To lose weight with creatine one needs to follow a strict diet, exercise routine and use the supplement in measured proportions. Because creatine helps your muscles perform better and gain lean mass, it helps one burn out fats in the body. This will also help reduce extra weight resulting from body fats. According to professional fitness experts, losing weight with creatine is best if one takes the supplement half an hour before the workouts session. This way it helps build on muscle mass and burn excess fats.


These supplements affect the normal working mechanism of the body in more ways than one. Essentially, the protein supplements help one gain muscle mass while creatine compels the muscles to absorb excess water thus appearing bulgy, protruding and extend the ability to perform better and push your limits when it comes to workouts. The following are some of the differences in terms of the nature of actions on the muscles, which is meant to clear any misunderstanding of any of them.


Because of this comparison, we will do this in the form of points:

i. Blunts hunger by suppressing the desire for food.
ii. Helps lose fats while building on muscles.
iii. Increase muscle size and power.

These are but a few of the standout features that define protein supplements. Let’s do the same for creatine supplements.

a. Creatine grows muscles pretty fast as compared to protein supplements.
b. Creatine has a tendency to increase ones intensity of workouts.
c. It also boosts muscle mass and strength.

This comparison is not very clear on the strong points of each of these supplements. This is done purposely to mean that all these supplements are excellent to use. Going by the above mentioned breakdown of the roles of the 2, a combination yields even great results. It should however be noted that there is no scientific evidence to support this assertion. It is based on pure assumptions. In the event the ingredients of the supplements react, the results may spin out of control. It is thus advisable to combine supplements only upon advice by your doctor.


Creatine for bodybuilding is very appropriate. Many people are worried on the safety of this supplement in the longer term. From the manufactures and regulators, creatine is safe in all aspects related to human consumption. However, let me mention for free that too much of any supplement, protein included, is dangerous over time.

Following instruction on the label is also very important. This is the best way to ward off deadly side effects like kidney failure. So one more time moderation and following manufactures directions for use are the golden rules of the game.


Actually having creatine goes through two phases; Loading phase and maintenance phase.
In the loading phase, you need to take 15-25 grams daily for 5-7 days. The aim of taking this amount is to reach the saturation state in the shortest possible time (rapid loading) . However, you could reach the saturation mode without going through the loading phase, but in longer time, which is called “slow loading”.

In the maintenance phase, you need to take creatine dose of 2-5 grams daily, as the body is already saturated by the rapid or slow loading.


Some fitness experts could recommend doing creatine cycling, which is intended to avoid any negative effects that could resulted by taking supplements for pretty long time. If you’re going to do so, prepare yourself to get your ability levels back to your pre-creatine levels, as your power will decrease gradually when you stop taking the creatine supplement.


Now that you have gone through this post, the question of will creatine make you gain weight is well answered. In addition, aspects to do with how creatine helps in the weight loss are also no longer a Mistry. We have gone ahead to make it clear that creatine does not make you gain fat. Instead, it makes one build on muscles and this way it affects the overall body weight. With that plentiful information, you now know what is best for you between protein supplements and creatine supplements. Always remember that, it is recommended to consult a physician before starting to use any supplement to avoid getting if you are experiencing any health condition or need a help in specifying the optimal dose for you.